Page 25 - November 2020 Hustle Mama Magazine
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  2 Ways to Boost Your
Wealth Coaching
Become an Industry Leader
Becoming an industry leader is a process that begins when you take some specific topic, insight, or subject and move your knowledge above the competitors. For example, you can use retirement savings and specialize in becoming an expert in this subject. Being recognized as an expert in one topic will allow you to attract more clients to your wealth coaching business. On the item you select, you get your name and brand out there - article writing, public speaking, books, DVDs, meeting with community and local groups.
Leverage Your Expertise
Once you have achieved a specific level of experience and expertise, you can begin to leverage your knowledge and skills by creating additional income streams - this is how a coach can genuinely add jet fuel to their income!
Here are some ways to improve your awareness and expertise as a personal wealth coach:
Create additional products, such as DVDs, books, a series of workshops, group coaching classes, public speaking tours, and more.
License your expertise. You can license your knowledge, processes, and expertise to other coaches for a percentage of the profits or a per- session fee.
You can also offer them to companies and business ventures for a piece of the business. Instead of money, you get company stock or a percentage in exchange for your coaching services. Broaden your brand. There may be other products that you can sell with your brand. Perhaps you want to sell investment products or even something not directly related to money and finances. If your brand is secure, you can make money with it by marketing other types of products.

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