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 Is it possible to become wealthy as a personal wealth coach? Can you rise above the average salary and start earning the big bucks?
What is the Average Salary for a Wealth Coach?
Salaries vary depending on experience, clientele, and location. According to, the average life coach salary is $60,000; according to, the average life coach wage is $35.48 per hour. Finding an average wage is a bit more challenging - on, it appears averages salaries run from about $55,000 up to $120,000
Why Become a Personal Wealth Coach?
The personal coaching industry is growing fast, and continued growth is expanding. Life coaches, wellness coaches, career coaches, and of course, will experience continued high demand in the future.
One reason wealth coaching will continue to experience rapid and consistent growth is the increased number of self-employed workers. It is an estimate that more than 53 million people now work as freelancers - business owners, consultants, contract workers, and of course, coaches. They can offer these workers help with budgeting, retirement planning, business financing, college account funding, and much more.
Add this growing number of freelancers to everyone else who can benefit from the services, and the ideal market is enormous and getting bigger every year!
How to Become a Wealthy Wealth Coach
Therearealotofwaystodoto elevate your wealth coach business - better marketing, additional certifications, group coaching, seminars, workshops, and more. However, there are two main ways to boost your business and elevate your income to astonishing levels.

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