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 How to Kill the Stress
You bury your head in your hands. You'd like to run screaming from your cubicle, but for one, that would get you instantly fired; for two, your shoes are not built for running. But the stress! Not only makes your work stress you out, but there's your family, colleagues, duties, errands, social media to keep up with - AARGH! It's sufficient to make a grown man/woman sob.
So, try to do something like yoga, pilates, or meditation class, or wake up early in the morning for a run around your neighborhood. Do anything to lessen the tension that occupies your every moment.
You might consider, "Wouldn't it be ideal to be able to take early retirement? So I could lie on a beach, drink pina Coladas, and enjoy the view right in front of me for the rest of my life, stress-free."
Well, not so much. Indeed, the studies on who's most fortunate in retirement show that those who retire into the "lie on the beach" method end up dying but several years later. Whereas those who retire from work find interests that incite them and are more bustling than ever, end up succeeding and living long, joyful lives.
So it's not stressed that's the offender; it's how you look at it, and how you deal with it. Stress is a stimulator, and regarding the studies on retirements that strive to show that motivation is what you need to stay alive, emotionally, mentally, and physically.
Stimulation is a great idea! Too many of it is a regretful thing. And that's usually what we're pointing to when we shout out, "I'm stressed!!" When you're seeming "stressed," what's occurring is you're inundated with too much stimulation from the external environment.
What does that imply? Because there's a realm of distinction within how you can deal with staying bewildered by the circumstances in your life versus being "stressed." "Stressed" is an emotional reply to an enigma. So you look for ways to relieve your uncomfortable sentiments: thus the yoga/pilates, meditation, jogging, and so forth.
All of which are excellent and supportive of your overall well-being and health, but may not do much to mitigate what's upsetting you.
The initial thing to do when you're feeling "stressed!!" is to take a deep breath and examine yourself, "What's stressing me?" "Everything!" is not a practical answer.
Split it down precisely. Because it's only by viewing at the elements of the circumstances stressing you out that you can deal with them; break, if you wish, that overwhelm.
Next, check your limits. Most overwhelm gets out of our frustration to set acceptable limits. Whether it's making your supervisor understand that you're pleased to do overtime one day a week but not longer, or notifying your children that you will no longer be cleaning their baths - they're old enough to do it and here's how, or showing your S.O. that you enjoy his/her considering that 15 minutes of calm you want upon getting home before driving into the night drill, all these are means of establishing borders and subduing overwhelm.
It's all about taking care of your life, about providing the stimulation that seems significant to you, while actively, dynamically, and set limits.
Every time you feel "Stressed." emotions are edging up. You stop! Always remember it's an emotional response, and you can significantly reduce your stress level by directly dealing with the situation that started the emotion.

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